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Who are we?

Roller derby is not just a sport but a lifestyle. Jam in the Box was established in 2010 to serve the roller derby community in Finland. In 2015 the shop celebrated their 5-years birthday. At the same year the shop got a new owner till the end of 2018, when the once again new owner took over the Jam in the Box. Jam in the Box celebrated opening party with latest owner in 2018 on 5th of December! 

Jam in the Box sells roller derby and skating gears and the owners has always done it with passion to the contact sports and from the athletes themselves. The new owner is aiming to reach the roller derby communities in other countries as well. The shop also wants to serve CIB- skaters, skateboarders and also the recreational quadskate skaters. Jam in the Box hopes to bring the like minded people together offering a warm and cozy shop in Helsinki to hang out! The shop has been renovated and the cozy sofa is in the center of the shop to relax on. Come and see yourself!

Close to earth customer service, the quality and the skater perspective are important to us. We want to make the customers to feel that we are here for them and you may ask anything related to the sport and gears from us. 

Equality and feminism are our important values. The company is transparent in their decisions and we want to be able to let the people to see how we work here. That is the reason why we highly respect any kind of feedback and requests from customers.  

So that`s about the company. So who is behind it then? 

Hello, I am Pauliina! Also known as Pale in roller derby community. My derby career started in 2015 at the Roller derby league in Turku, called Dirty River Roller Derby. I play in the A-team of Dirty River Roller Derby at the moment. And I am also active in the league work as well. I am one of the captains of the A-team since 2017 and have also been an active part of the couching in the league. The leagues A-team is part of the WFTDA. 

During my derby career I have been part of the B-team for half a year and the rest 3 years I have actively been playing in the A-team, called Föri Fighters. I have playing tournaments in countries as Iceland, Sweden, France and Denmark. And I am very passioned derby person myself and always trying to improve myself as a player and team worker. I think the best part of roller derby is the community, DIY-spirit in the league work and the values of the sport. That is the reason why I also wanted to shop to continue in Finland, and keep serving the customers with the close to earth spirit. I also want to make roller derby visible in the sport world. We are unique and that`s great! 

If you have any questions about the sport, gears or what ever comes to mind do not hesitate to contact me! 

With love, 


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