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LumiWAU Donut 5 - panel cap

LumiWAU Donut 5 - panel cap

Sometimes, life just doesn’t get any sweeter than this. Awesome 5-panel cap / camp hat / cap. All green materials.

Digiprinted fabric is eco canvas; heavyweight 100% polyester canvas made with 45% recycled content (out of recycled plastic bottles!). The print holds up it’s colors well on multiple washings. All the inks used also eco friendly.

Recycled denim, leather and upholstery cotton are the other materials used. The brim is plastic, so it wont break on use.

Keep in mind, that these images are just a samples, and the final colorways might vary a bit from the picture.

One size, can be adjusted on the leather strap on the back.

50,00 €

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