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Magic Cushions Hop Up Kit

Magic Cushions Hop Up Kit

PowerDyne Thrust (R3)

Red 78A – Soft, for better flexibility and maneuverability
Orange 82A – Medium, Middle range for stability, flexibility and maneuverability
Yellow 85A – Hard, Better resistance and stability
Purple 89A – X-tra Hard, for extreme resistance and stability

Kit includes:

*4 high rebound universal cushions
*4 high rebound conical top cushions
*4 cushion cups
*4 conical top cushion cups

24,99 €


Temporarily out of stock. Estimated delivery time 14 days.

In stock

In stock

In stock

Red 78A – Soft Lightweights / Lots of flexibility
Orange 82A – Medium Middleweights / Great compromise
Yellow 85A – Firm Heavyweights / More resistance
Purple 89A – X-Firm Heavyweights / Extreme resistance

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