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Riedell Blue Streak

Riedell Blue Streak

The highest performing and most comfortable roller skate boots ever. Handmade by Riedell in the USA, designed by Jennifer “La Petite Mort” Savaglio and Sarah “Wile E. Peyote” O’Donoghue.

For some of us, the boot nirvana is to have the skate be an extension of the leg. It feels like it is just part of your foot and is so light you don’t even notice it is there. To achieve this, a very snug fit is called for, but who wants to lose their toenails or turn the skin on their feet to ribbons? The design of the Blue Streak has all the support and tried and true features of the original Riedell 595, with upgrades to ease the break in period and make the boot feel like a slipper, but with supreme durability.

– Split last with a narrow heel and all over narrower fit suited to a woman’s foot.

– Super soft leather to ease break in period.

– A fuzzy shearling tongue to reduce top of foot pressure and lace bite.

– The simplest, easiest to repair heel snug strap.

– A convenient pull-on strap on the back.

– A split toe borrowed from an outdoor style skate to give those toes some wiggle room! And it isn’t as vulnerable to splitting after normal skate wear and tear!

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